Acoustic Parking Sensors


Acoustic Parking Sensors

This is probably the best parking aid ever invented. Don’t second guess where your car ends and the where the car behind you starts. The Acoustic Parking Sensors will provide an audible warning with a series of beeps that increase in pitch and frequency as you move nearer a stationary object. Available for rear and/or front fitment.


  • Four flush mounted ultrasonic parking sensors.
  • Internal warning speaker.
  • Colour coded using original paints.
  • Indistinguishable from factory fitted sensors.


  • Sensors colour coded using original manufacturer’s paint.
  • Flush mounted in the bumper.
  • Internally mounted sensors.
  • Available for front and/or rear installation.
  • Adjustable range (if required).
  • Automatic activation when reversing.
  • Audible warning using beeps that increase in frequency.
  • Front sensors de-activate after approx. 6 mph. *(not all cars).
  • Optional button for manual de-activation of front sensors.
  • On-site professional installation within mainland UK.
  • 3 year parts and labour warranty.

*Some older vehicles require a switch to de-activate the front parking sensors manually as the vehicle speed signal is not digital. For newer vehicles the switch is optional. The switches we use are the original manufacturer’s part, is installed alongside the other switches on the dash and maintains a factory fitted look


Front parking sensors can be fitted to supplement a vehicle that only has rear sensors.

Our parking sensors are installed from behind the bumper and have a flush fit to achieve the same factory look. Beware of cheap parking sensors that are not flush mounted, are installed from outside the vehicle and do not achieve the same factory finish. We only fit the original manufacturer’s parking sensor switch (where required) to maintain the factory look. Please contact us for further details.