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AMI – Audi Music Interface

The Audi Music Interface (AMI) allows the connection of Apple™ iPods, iPads, iPhones with the car’s audio systems allowing control and playback of music through the speakers. The Driver Information System (where present) displays tracks, playlist, favourites and albums . The interface provides full control of a connected iPod, allowing you to navigate between artists, albums, songs, genres etc.

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  • Original Audi interface for connecting Apple™ iPods, iPhones, iPads and USB flash or portable hard disk drives.
  • Provides complete control of an attached Apple™ iPod, iPhone, iPad.
  • Allows navigation of file structure on a USB storage device.
  • Displayed on the vehicle’s MMI display on the dash.
  • Integration with the Multi-function Steering Wheel (where fitted, not all models).
  • View track names, track duration, albums, artists, playlists and favourites on the MMI display.


  • Connects to Apple™ iPods, iPhones and iPads with a dock connector.
  • Complete integration with the vehicle’s MMI controls.
  • Change tracks with buttons on the multi function steering wheel (where fitted).
  • Navigate through music on the iPod using tracks, artists, albums or playlist.
  • Appears as a new source for the vehicle’s multimedia input.
  • Uses the vehicle’s speakers for music output.
  • Pauses the iPod or USB stored music when a different audio source is selected.
  • Music is muted and paused during an incoming telephone call (if Bluetooth™ interface is present in the car).
  • An optional cable is available to connect USB storage devices like pen drives or portable hard disk drives.
  • Plays music stored as mp3 or unprotected WMA formats on USB storage devices.
  • Navigation of file structure on USB storage devices for folder or track searching.
  • Installed in the glove box for safety and security of your Apple™ iPod or USB storage device.
  • Original Audi part.
  • 3 year parts and labour warranty.

IPod Compatibility

  • 3rd Generation Apple iPod Classic onwards.
  • 1st Generation Apple iPod nano onwards.
  • Apple iPod Touch.
  • All Apple iPhones.
  • Apple iPad 1 & 2

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