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Audi 6CD Changer | Audi



Audi 6CD Changer

The Audi 6 CD changer allows 6 audio CDs to be stored and accessed using the controls on your radio or Multi Media Interface controls. This single DIN sized audio CD changer fits in the glovebox, giving easy access for disk changes. Audio CDs are loaded into the slot individually using the quick access buttons on the front of the changer. Changing them individually is also a simple process.


  • Plays audio CD disks.
  • Stores 6 CDs.
  • Integration with the Multi-function Steering Wheel (where fitted, not all models).
  • Support for track names, track duration, artists on the MMI display (CD dependant).


  • Complete integration with the vehicle’s MMI or radio controls.
  • Change tracks with buttons on the multi function steering wheel (where fitted).
  • Appears as a new source for the vehicle’s multimedia input on MMI systems.
  • Uses the vehicle’s speakers for music output.
  • Random track selection for playback.
  • Pauses the music when a different audio source is selected.
  • Music is muted during an incoming telephone call (if Bluetooth™ interface is present in the car).
  • Installed in the glove box.
  • Original Audi part.
  • 3 year parts and labour warranty.


  • Some vehicles cannot have both an Apple™ iPod connection and CD changer installed.
  • Some vehicles will require a different glovebox for the CD changer and/or the removal of the Apple™ iPod tray if fitted.