Car Tracking Device


Car Tracking Device

Vodafone Protect & Connect Systems uses the latest GPS / GPRS / GSM technology, providing pinpoint accuracy and unparalleled service levels.

Police liaison is conducted in local language through Vodafone Automotive’s network of Secure Operating Centres across 49 countries globally.

Vodafone stolen vehicle tracking systems are installed covertly to your vehicle making it difficult for a thief to know that a tracking system is present.

All Vodafone stolen vehicle tracking systems are Thatcham accredited – which can reduce insurance premiums.

Choose the Vodafone Protect & Connect 6 system which detects unauthorised movement of a vehicle when the ignition is switched off (e.g. if the vehicle is towed away).

Or opt for our proactive top of the range Vodafone Protect & Connect 5 system with Remote Ignition Lock functionality, allowing Vodafone Automotive to safely immobilise a stolen vehicle with Police authorisation. This proactive stolen vehicle tracking system automatically detects theft even when a thief has taken the vehicle keys.

Both systems come with access to mobile App and web providing Live Vehicle location including satellite Google maps viewing and many more In-App features.


  • Pinpoint GPS Tracking
  • 24/7 Service
  • International GSM & GPRS Coverage
  • Europe wide coverage (49 countries worldwide)
  • Detailed theft history facilitates recovery
  • Tamper Alert
  • Thatcham accredited
  • Tow-Away Alert
  • Recognised by major insurers
  • Automatic system health check
  • GSM Jamming Alert
  • App & Web included
  • Automatic Driver Recognition – CAT5 only
  • Remote Ignition Lock – CAT5 only
Price: £495.00 - £895.00
inc. VAT

*Price shown includes on-site installation, VAT, 3 years warranty and 12 months subscription.

We also offer a discount for installation at our premises

Please email us your vehicle VIN/Chassis number and postcode to confirm compatibility and that we cover your area for mobile installation service.