VW Optical & Acoustic Parking System


VW Optical & Acoustic Parking System

Original VW Front and Rear Parking Sensors allows both audio and visual indication of obstructions when manoeuvring whilst parking. Installed in exactly the same way as at the Volkswagen factory, the systems consists of 8 sensors, four in each bumper. As you begin to approach an obstacle you are warned by an audible tone as well as a graphical display on the radio with an illustration of the car and corresponding distance to an obstacle. The closer you get to an obstacle, the faster the tone sounds until you are less than 25cm away, where the tone becomes continuous. The parking system is activated when reverse gear is engaged or manually by pressing the Parking switch on the dash.


  • Four flush mounted ultrasonic parking sensors on each bumper.
  • Internal warning speakers.
  • Graphical illustration on the radio or radio-navigation system display.
  • Colour coded using original paints.
  • Original Volkswagen part.


  • Sensors colour coded to match the car using original manufacturer’s paint.
  • Flush mounted in the bumper.
  • Internally mounted sensors.
  • Installed in the front and rear bumpers.
  • Activates automatically when reverse is selected.
  • Audible warning using beeps that increase in frequency.
  • Front sensors de-activate after approx. 5 mph.
  • Rear sensors de-activate when the reverse gear is dis-engaged.
  • Original VW dash switch for manual activation/de-activation of parking sensors.
  • Works in conjunction with rear view parking camera if installed in the car.
  • On-site professional installation within mainland UK.
  • 3 year parts and labour warranty.


The vehicle will need to have a radio or radio navigation systems with a display capable of showing the sensor information visually.

As with all the products we supply and fit, there is a 3 year on-site warranty on parts and labour.