Satellite Navigation System for the VW Polo


Satellite Navigation System for the VW Polo

The Volkswagen Polo uses different technology to previous VAG vehicles, more akin to Audi’s multimedia system than the previously popular RNS range of radio/navigation systems (RNS-510/RNS-315/RNS-310) which are no longer compatible. This new range, called MIB, is also fitted to the recently face-lifted Polo and will appear in upcoming VAG cars as the model lines get refreshed.
Although the new Discover and Discover Pro navigation systems can be retrofitted to vehicles that left the factory without them, there are problems with map activation making the navigation part of the systems disabled and effectively rendering it useless.

Satnav Systems have developed an add-on module that offers customers a full navigation system utilizing the original radio screen and controls.
Nothing is removed from the car so all factory fitted systems such as DAB, Bluetooth and MDI remain fully functional.
The SNS Nav’n’Go module is installed out of sight and is controlled via the touch screen of the factory fitted radio.
It offers European door-to-door navigation with full 7 digit UK postcode capability, displays 3D landmarks (e.g: Big Ben, The Eiffel Tower etc) as well as TTS (Text To Speech) which announces street names during route guidance.
Furthermore, the system displays Safety & Speed Cameras and is capable of providing locations and audible warnings on approach. There are many other safety features such as Speed Limit Warnings which can be turned on and off by using the intuitive user interface.

As nothing is removed from the car during installation, the system can be un-installed at any time without leaving a trace, making it ideal for vehicles that are due to be returned, such as leased or Motability vehicles.