Universal Heated seats | Caddy - 2A (2004 - 2015)
Universal Heated seats | Caddy - 2A (2004 - 2015)



Universal Heated seats

Heated seats provide the driver and front seat passenger with warmth almost instantaneously. Whilst it may take 10 minutes or more for the car to heat up sufficiently, the heating pads will take approximately 2 minutes to provide enough warmth to make a difference in cold weather. A pair of electrical heated pads are installed in the seat squab and back rest below the underneath the upholstery. A switch provides two levels of heating, one for fast start and the other for maintaining a comfortable temperature. A light on the switch provides visual indication of the selected setting.

Our heated seat pads use the latest woven carbon heating element technology that provides fast heat up times, even temperature across the heated areas and low profile to maintain the seat’s orginal look and feel.

Product Description

  • Fast warm-up time
  • Works just like factory installed heated seats
  • Discreet switch mounted on the seat side or dashboard
  • Twin heat settings with indicator lamp
  • Automatically switches off when ignition is off
  • Latest woven carbon heating element technology
  • Professionally installed beneath the upholstery
  • Suitable for fabric or leather seats
  • 3 years warranty