VW 6CD Changer | CC (2013 - )
VW 6CD Changer | CC (2013 - )



VW 6CD Changer

The Volkswagen 6 disk CD changer allows 6 audio CDs to be stored and accessed using the controls on your radio or radio-navigation system. This single DIN sized CD changer fits in the armrest, allowing easy access for disk changes. Audio CD disks are loaded one-by-one and accessed by numbered buttons on the fascia to enable individual retrieval.


  • Plays CD audio and CD-R recorded audio (closed session) disks.
  • Stores 6 CDs.
  • Integration with the Multi-function Steering Wheel (where fitted, not all models).


  • Complete integration with the vehicle’s radio controls.
  • Change tracks with buttons on the multi function steering wheel (where fitted).
  • Appears as a new source on the radio.
  • Uses the vehicle’s speakers for music output.
  • Random track selection for playback.
  • Pauses the music when a different audio source is selected.
  • Music is muted during an incoming telephone call (if Bluetooth™ interface is present in the car).
  • Original Volkswagen part.
  • 3 year parts and labour warranty.


  • A CD changer cannot be installed alongside a Multi Device Interface (MDI).
  • If the vehicle has a factory installed armrest with MDI, then the CD changer will replace this unit.
  • If a factory armrest with a single DIN slot is not installed, then an additional armrest kit will be required at extra cost.
  • Not all cars can have the 6 disk CD changer installed in the armrest. Please call us for car specific installation.