In addition to low prices and availability of drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment, one of the main advantages of online pharmacies is a wide range of products. On average, an online pharmacy has fewer products than any major local pharmacy, but you can even find rare medicines on their “shelves,” given the number of online UK pharmacies.

Paydens (Google Rating: 3.2) Surbiton Health Centre, Ewell Rd, Surbiton KT6 6EZ, United Kingdom +44 20 8390 9601

Prescriptions filled with the minute clinic said they were going to take 10-15 minutes to fill. Over 1 hour later, I finally had the meds in my hand. Not impressed – maybe try taking care of your current patients before accepting new ones. Chew one bite of food at a time.

Paydens is the most horrible place, and I was with them for over 5 years. What they did, I’m reporting them to the attorney general. I’m so mad about this new owner. The pharmacy tech was extremely rude to me. I was trying to support a small business, but I will not be going back.

ViaQX Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.8) 53 Surbiton Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT1 2HG, United Kingdom +44 20 8546 0372

Great place, awesome folks. No waiting on medications due to being written with wrong dates by Dr. OR {Nurse P.} ……. They know what they’re doing, unlike most pharmacies. That will not fill your meds no matter if your due for fill because of the way it’s written out. Thanks for not letting me do without days at a time like others have been doing to me.

My son is very sick. I try to get him the medicine. The pharmacy closes at 8. I reach them at 7:40. They Say I have to come back tomorrow. If so, they should close the window if they have no mode to serve the customer across the road. There’s Viaqx pharmacy. They so nice and so professional, and I got the medicine for my son. Thanks, Viaqx pharmacy.

Ritechem Pharmacy (Google Rating: 3.7) 22 Victoria Rd, Surbiton KT6 4JZ, United Kingdom +44 20 8390 0630

Well, it is Ritechem Pharmacy, and you never feel your best when you need to visit, and never have I been in one where the staff was friendly. But they do have anything you need when you’re not feeling your best.

I called 2 days in a row, put on hold both days while the receptionist was going to put me in touch with someone on the floor. Guess she forgot about me. I called rite aid & was helped immediately.

Shan Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.9) 106 Ewell Rd, Surbiton KT6 6HA, United Kingdom +44 20 8399 8133

Visited Shan Pharmacy Pharmacy for a flu shot. As a walk-in customer, the wait was long. I recommend setting an appointment online. Megan, the NP, was great. Easy peasy & No pain at all.

Over the 25 years that I have lived in Jonesboro, I have counted on Access many times for meds not available elsewhere, and I have always found them helpful and knowledgeable about any questions. They compounded two meds for me that got me through a high-risk pregnancy at 42 years old after a long history of infertility and preg losses. When I found it necessary to move my mother to Jonesboro into an assisted living facility, they provided the complicated monthly med dose packages as well as other supplies. Furthermore, as a fellow asthma sufferer, I found the young lady who helped me purchase an at-home nebulizer after I also developed a resp illness this past winter very empathetic of how panicked one can feel if you can’t breathe. As a health care provider myself with 25 years of intensive care experience, I really can’t emphasize the importance of the services they provide. Kudos! 7/23/20 When my sleep study indicated I needed CPAP I asked my pulmonologist to send the referral to Drugbuddies. Unfortunately, I have come to regret that decision. Without going into everything that happened, I will try to encapsulate the whole experience by saying the patient’s education was very poor. I waited in the lobby longer than the 5 minutes she took to tell me “…connect this pipe here and this one there, push this button to start it, and if you have any questions, there are instructions in the bag.” Connection of the tubing was obvious, but there is more to the introduction of CPAP than “press the start button”. After reading the included educational material and listening to a couple of tutorials by the company that manufactured the equipment, I got better information from U Tube tutorials done by Respiratory Therapists (RT’s) and nurses. As PROFESSIONALS, they have a lot of practical tips they have learned not only from their didactic education but also from experiences while working with patients. At this point, I wish I had gone elsewhere… If there is no improvement, I may have to see about not providing any more business to the medical supplies side of the business. But for now, my review has gone from a 5 down to a 3.