We repair infotainment electronics for all VAG Group Cars (VW, Audi, Porsche, Seat, Skoda) e.g.:

RNS-E, 2G and 3G MMI, MIB1, MIB2, MIB2 Premium, MIB3, MQB, RCD Radio, MFD System, RNS-510, RNS-315, RNS-310 Navigation, Columbus, Amundsen,  Discover Media, PQ and PRO Systems and Porsche PCM.

We also:

  • Repair/replace touchscreens, cracked and scratched screens, 
  • Repair Sound issues, damaged amplifiers, 
  • Repair faulty or failing hard drives, CD & DVD optical disc drives, 
  • Repair GPS Antenna – No signal Issues
  • Repair common faults:
    ‘Regensburg’s Syndrome’, ‘Welcome to Volkswagen’ screen,
    ‘Phantom Finger Syndrome’, System Freezing,
    Screen Bubbling/Delaminating, No Sound
  • Repair Firmware and Software problems and many other electronic failures.
  • Update firmware/software and maps for All VAG Group Car Systems including Speed Cameras at very competitive prices.


Please, submit your repair enquiry and we will get back to you with further advice.