Audi Bluetooth Mobile Telephone Interface

The Bluetooth™ Hands-free Mobile Telephone Interface provides the connection for your mobile phone to the car’s controls and audio system. With increased mobile phone usage and the safety issues of conversing whilst driving, the Bluetooth™ hands free interface is essential for telephone users.

The Bluetooth™ interface integrates with the car’s speaker system, Driver Information Screen and satellite navigation system (where installed) allowing the driver to make and receive calls using the vehicle’s built-in controls. The interface allows access to your mobile telephone’s phone book and call lists for quick dialling. In cars with a satellite navigation system installed, additional functionality like direct number dialling, phone book display, phone book search can be performed. A discreetly installed microphone picks up your voice and the other party can be heard over the radio/radio-navigation’s speaker system. Answering or rejecting a call is just a button away. In cars with a multi function steering wheel a call can be made without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

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  • Industry standard Bluetooth™ handsfree mobile telephone interface.
  • Integration with Multi-function Steering Wheel (where fitted, not all models).
  • Works with over 90% of mobile telephones.
  • Displays Phone book, Dialled Numbers, Answered Calls and Missed Calls.
  • Caller’s name and number displayed when receiving calls.


Common Features
  • Industry standard Bluetooth™ connectivity compatible with the majority of Bluetooth™ enabled mobile telephones.
  • Complete integration with the vehicle’s built-in controls like multi-function steering wheel or satellite navigation radio.
  • Make, receive, reject calls using the vehicle’s built-in controls.
  • Automatically mutes radio/audio when calls are made or received.
  • Uses the vehicle’s speakers for sound output.
  • Pairs to the interface automatically – leave your mobile telephone in your pocket or purse.
  • A2DP Bluetooth™ audio music streaming (not all interfaces support this) from compatible mobile phones.
  • Three years on-site warranty.
For cars with Driver Information Screen (DIS) and Multi-function Steering Wheel only.
  • Displays caller name & number, Phone book, Missed calls, Received calls, calls made on the Driver Information Screen.
  • Make and receive calls using the buttons on the Multi Function Steering Wheel.
For cars with satellite navigation system, RNS-E.
  • Displays the caller’s name and number when receiving calls.
  • Displays Phone book, Dialled numbers, Received calls and Missed calls.
  • Answer and make calls from the controls on the navigation system.
  • Direct telephone entry and Phone book search for making calls.

Some of the features listed above are mobile telephone dependent and may not work with your phone depending on model, firmware or software versions.


  • The vehicle requires either the Driver Information Screen (DIS) or a Satellite Navigation System to function.
  • For vehicles with a DIS only, a multi-function steering wheel must also be present.
  • If both a satellite navigation system and a DIS are installed the Bluetooth™ hands-free interface can be controlled from either.


The Bluetooth™ mobile telephone interface is compatible with around 90% of mobile phones available in the UK. (This changes as mobile telephone manufacturers release new models.) If you believe your mobile telephone is unusual and may not be supported, please contact us for further information.

Price: £575.00
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*Price shown includes mobile installation, VAT and 3 years warranty
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