Rear Entertainment System


Rear Entertainment System

This is one of the best rear entertainment systems available. These stylish tablet-looking screens will look great in your car and come packed full of features including DVD players, HDMI and USB Connectivity.

Whether you have a DVD movie, hard drive full of movies that uses a USB or a portable player with an HDMI output, the system is ready to accept di erent types of connections.

We fit replacement headrest with built in 8 inch high definition screens in place of the original, matching the material, colour and texture to blend in perfectly with your car’s interior. Behind the screen is a DVD player with a slot at the top for loading the disk.
The capacitive buttons create a clean tablet style look and enable quick access to commands and features with just a light tap of the controls.

Each unit operates independently, so you can watch a different movie and listen using the wireless headset. Each unit can also act as the master so if you need to watch the same movie on both screens just touch the source button. The sound on the headset will also switch over.
These latest headrest monitors elevate the in-vehicle entertainment experience with amazing video quality throughout the playback process so pictures look absolutely incredible and colors stay true to its original state.

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  • Tablet -looking , 8inch high definition display
  • 2 independent DVD players with built-in screens.
  • Capacitive controls – light up when pressed.
  • DVD Players supports DVD/CD/MP3 and DIVX media.
  • slot at the top for loading the disk.
  • HDMI Connectivity: hook up your smartphone*, Amazon® Fire TV StickTM, Roku® Streaming StickTM, etc. and stream content directly into the monitors for endless entertainment (*must have WiFi connection)
  • USB Connectivity supports devices up to 1TB with file formats up to 1080P and provides true high quality 480P video resolution.
  • USB output of 2.5 amps for powering and charging today’s most popular devices
  • Tilt adjustable screen for optimal viewing.
  • 2 wireless infrared headphones
  • DVD Region 2.
Price: £1,595.00
inc. VAT

*Price shown includes on-site installation, VAT and 3 years warranty
We also offer a discount for installation at our premises

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