Seat Optical Parking Sensors

Seat Front and Rear Optical Parking Sensors is an Advanced Parking System consisting of eight ultrasonic sensors, providing all-round assistance when parking the car. As soon as the distance to an obstacle at the front or rear is closer than a preset minimum, an audible tone as well as a graphical illustration on the Radio/Navigation Screen provides a warning. The closer you get to an obstacle the faster the tone sounds until you’re less than 25cm away, where the tone becomes continuous. The system is activated automatically when obstacle is detected* or when reverse gear is engaged or manually by pressing the parking switch.


  • Graphical representation of your car with corresponding obstacles displayed.
  • Sensors colour coded using original manufacturer’s paint.
  • The sensors are discreetly flush mounted in the bumper.
  • Activates automatically when reverse gear is engaged
  • Switch for manual activation/de-activation of the parking system.
  • Audible warning of nearby obstacles using beeps that increase in frequency.
  • Two internal warning buzzers.
  • Front sensors de-activate after approx. 5 mph.
  • Works in conjunction with reverse camera system if installed.
  • Operates and looks exactly as factory ordered system
  • Original Seat parts.

*Automatic Activation is not available on all models

Price: £695.00 - £1,295.00
inc. VAT

*Price shown includes mobile installation, VAT and 3 years warranty
We also offer a discount for installation at our premises

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