If you are looking to integrate your phone features to the car look no further.
App-Connect is the latest smartphone interface to let you access your phone Apps safely and easily.
You can control calls, messages, navigation and even Spotify playlists with voice commands via Siri or Google Now
This Upgrade will give you Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

How it works:

  • Link your compatible smartphone* to the car via a USB cable in the USB port and approved apps automatically appear in full colour on the central screen.
  • Control the Apps by pressing the Voice button on the multi-function steering wheel, which activates your phone’s Voice Control (either Siri or Google Now). You can also use the scroll button on the centre console.
  • Using Voice Control, you can ask the system to make a call and listen to and dictate messages. For safety reasons, the MMI screen won’t display the text so your attention can remain on the road.

Depending on your car specification the APP-CONNECT Upgrade will require activation, software and/or hardware.

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Apple CarPlay

What is Apple CarPlay and how does it work?
If you have an iPhone 5 or later and your car features Apple CarPlay, then you’re good to go. After plugging in your phone via the USB port (CarPlay may be available via Bluetooth or WiFi in the future), you’ll be able to access several functions through the familiar Apple interface on the car infotainment screen.
CarPlay gives access to Maps, Phone functions, Messages and Music as well as other Apps including Spotify, Podcasts, Audiobooks and Apps developed by car manufacturers. It can be controlled via Siri, the touch-screen, or by using various knobs, dials and buttons in the car.

Android Auto

What is Android Auto and how does it work?
Broadly speaking, the basic features of Android Auto are similar to Apple CarPlay, but it’s Google’s solution to bring your smartphone features into your car.
To get started, you’ll need the Android Auto App and then just plug your phone into your car USB port.
Like CarPlay, Android Auto can also be controlled via the touch-screen, voice control, or car’s controls.
CarPlay supports the standard message system, whereas Android Auto can support several different ones, including WhatsApp, Skype, and Google Hangouts. Overall, there is access to more third party apps through Android Auto, with the most popular likely to be Google Maps.

Price: £395.00 - £1,695.00
inc. VAT

*Price shown includes mobile installation, VAT and 3 years warranty
We also offer a discount for installation at our premises

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