Roof Mounted/Brake Light Reversing Camera

The Volkswagen roof mounted rear view camera is integrated into the high-level rear brake light and designed to overhang the rear doors providing a clear view behind.

It provides an additional safety and convenience feature, reducing the chances of reversing into obstacles. It also helps with reversing your van into loading areas even with the rear doors open.

The camera starts working as soon as you engage reverse gear. It displays the area behind the vehicle on your touch-screen radio or radio navigation system screen offering you a clear image as you reverse.

With the rear view camera, you’ll be able to manoeuvre safely and easily, even into the most difficult parking spaces. You will be able to see obstacles which parking sensors may not always detect. The reversing camera is an indispensible aid when hitching up a trailer.



  • Displays image on a compatible VW Radio or Navigation Screen.
  • Automatically switches the radio/navigation display to the rear view image as soon as the reverse gear is engaged.
  • Works in conjunction with the VW Optical Parking Sensors if installed.
  • Original Volkswagen parts.
Price: £795.00 - £1,895.00
inc. VAT

*Price shown includes mobile installation, VAT and 3 years warranty
We also offer a discount for installation at our premises

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